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Characteristics of a Seller

MARKETING is like the man behind the curtain. ALOT goes on back there. For instance...

We advertise on Facebook, WHY?:

  • 235.15 Million people are on Facebook in the USA. That's 2 out of every 3 people you know.
  • For 2020, MVR's Facebook Advertising Reached 218,243 people. That's more people then who live in the Magic Valley Area combined!
  • Facebook Advertising offers the ability to engage in "free advertising", also called Organic Reach. MVR widened our Organic Reach by more than 20% for the year 2020. 
  • Facebook Post allow us to give individual recognition to our listings, Agents, and business partners. These actions build a community. This community is where future clients conduct their research before choosing MVR.

What else??


Every week we compare how the MVR Facebook page performed compared to other Brokerages. Such as Super, Gem State, Coldwell, and Duran. We're NEVER last. Not only do we compete but we even lead the pack in engaging our target audience. 

For the week of January 11th to the 17th we lead the pack by more that double any other brokerage.


We have Facebook and Google telling us a multitude of information. For instance...

  • What people are look at on our website. Listings, agents, blogs, etc.
  • Where they are from. City and State
  • Do they visit more than once. 
  • What time of day and what days of the week they are on.
  • How did they learn about our website. Did they just type it in or were they referred by an ad.

All of this helps us tailor our advertising campaigns to target specific audience interests, areas, times, days, and even devices. We learn what works and adjust, monthly, weekly and even daily if need be. There is ALWAYS an advertising campaign running. Usually 2 or 3 at a time. If you haven't seen it, it's because your not in our target audience. 

Marketing Funnel...

"What's that?", you ask? A marketing funnel allows you to capture leads. " Leads Sound Good!" you say. We agree! In 2020 MVR employed a new website that came with lead capture and a CRM or Customer Retention Management system. By combining our advertising campaigns with our website, we now capture leads. These leads in turn can be nurtured by our CRM in a variety of ways. Drip Emails, new listing email alerts, favorites saved, blog articles, about us page updates, text, flyers, post cards. In a nutshell we're reminding clients we are here and interested in them.

The Great Part is, this is just the beginning. There's more on the horizon to come.

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